Hundreds of thousands of Poles protest in Warsaw against the Polish government

Hundreds of thousands of Poles protest in Warsaw against the Polish government

2023-06-04 22:32:19

More of 300.000 personasaccording to independent estimatesdemonstrated this Sunday in Warsaw against the government’s policy and his new law, which will investigate alleged Russian influence on previous governments.

In all the big cities of the country there have been mass demonstrations called by Donald Tuskleader of the main opposition party, Plataforma CĂ­vica, which has been joined by almost all the political formations with parliamentary representation opposed to the Government.

The center of the Polish capital was overwhelmed by the influx of protesters, who on their way stopped in front of the presidential palace to launch slogans against the president, Andrzej Duda.

These are the largest protests since the feminist marches against the ban on abortion in 2020.

The date of these demonstrations was chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the first democratic elections in Poland and to highlight one of its main objectives: “to vindicate the rule of law and rehabilitate the state of Polish democracy, increasingly degraded by decisions of the current government”, in the words of one of the attendees.

controversial law

He detonating of these protests has been the recent creation of a commission to investigate possible interference by the Kremlin in governments between 2007 and 2022 and that, through extraordinary powers such as searching and interrogating suspects, it could lead to the disqualification of any political rival of the government.

In a speech before the demonstrators, Donald Tusk pointed out the “anger but also the hope” that according to him “was shown today to Poland, Europe and the whole world” and underlined the “willingness to fight for democracy and a free Poland”.

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For his part, he government party spokesperson Polish Rafal Bochenek declared this Friday to the Warsaw press that “apart from statements of hate, aggressiveness and blasphemies that denote the cultural level of its conveners” he did not see it come out “no proposal” of the demonstrations “and in any case,” he added, “elections are won at the polls, not in protests.”

the first report of the commission against Russian influence, known as “Lex Tusk”, will be presented on September 17, when Poland will be in the middle of the electoral campaignwhich according to the opposition will be used by the Government to harm its rivals, especially Donald Tusk, who presided over the Polish Government between 2007 and 2014 and will be one of the main investigated.

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