Hurricane Ian hits South Carolina coast

After Florida, Hurricane Ian also made landfall in the US state of South Carolina. The hurricane hit the coast with wind speeds of around 140 kilometers per hour, as the US hurricane center announced yesterday via Twitter. There were warnings of flooding and storm surges that could be a good two meters high.

Severe damage and deaths in Florida

Meanwhile, Florida is struggling with the massive storm damage. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said nearly two million homes were still without power. Several districts are largely cut off from the power grid, one district almost completely. Thousands of people are housed in emergency shelters.

Florida authorities currently expect at least 21 people to die from the storm. However, these numbers are not yet clear.

As a Category 4 hurricane, “Ian” made landfall in Florida on Wednesday with wind speeds of up to 240 kilometers per hour. It left destruction and flooding in its wake across the southern state.

A state of emergency was declared in South Carolina because of the hurricane. US President Joe Biden called on the population to follow the instructions of the authorities.


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