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Husband presents his wife with a Birkin bag in front of Mia Khalifa at the hotel. The bag costs between Rs 7 lakh and Rs 10 lakh. Mia Khalifa herself shared an interesting video. The video shared that his presence caused a woman to receive a Birkin bag.

Mia shared a screen shot of the video on June 13th. Earlier in the day, a video of a husband gifting a luxury bag to his wife arrived in Tiktok. Mia Khalifa can also be seen in this video.

‘He met me when I came to have dinner at my hotel in Paris. Then this morning he bought his wife a Birkin makeup bag and gave it to her. But when he saw me there, his wife was upset. Why am I so scared? But I’m glad my presence made a woman get this luxury bag, ”said Mia Khalifa. The young woman was literally shocked when her husband arrived with the bag. The video also shows the face of Mia Khalifa standing next to her. The video was shared with the caption ‘When we met’.

The video went viral on Twitter within seconds. Many people watched and shared the video. Many commented, ‘What a different event.’ “It could be luck or misfortune that the two happened together,” was another comment. Meanwhile, another person commented that the person who gave him the bag had changed.

English Summary: Wife Upset After Man Recognises Mia Khalifa On Honeymoon.


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