Husband who tortured Tamil actress: Sensational complaint

Husband who tortured Tamil actress: Sensational complaint

Flora has acted in many Tamil films including Gajendra, Kusthi, Saari Meku Kalyanamaiduchi, Nane Ennull Alai, Kanagavel Kakka. Later he acted in Telugu and Hindi films. A few years ago she fell in love with and married Bollywood producer Gaurav Koshi.

In this situation, the husband has published a shocking video of beating her and harassing her. In which she said: I was close and loving with my husband. But with time we had a difference of opinion. He started beating me and harassing me. He hit my private parts and hurt me. He took away my cell phone and stopped me from acting in serials.

He kept me locked inside the house for 14 months and tortured me. I ran away from him and came to my mother’s house. I am now back to normal life. I am happy now. I have learned to move forward with my life. I will act seriously in films from now on.

Thus he has spoken in that video. It is now going viral.

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