Husband’s second marriage. Arya about her boyfriend’s cheating and second marriage !!

Arya is an actress who shines as a presenter and actress among the Malayalee audience. The actor is getting attention through a reality show called Bigg Boss. The Aryan social media has been buzzing in recent days regarding the marriage of the first husband. Rohit’s wedding was on the same day as Arya’s niece Archana Sushilan’s wedding. Arya’s first husband Rohit is the brother of serial star Archana Sushil.

Now the fans are all set for another wedding. Although Arya had said that she was not getting married anymore. Arya has come up with an answer to the current issue. The actor says that he will never get married and will live alone again. Fans are wondering why the star’s boyfriend cheated on her and her first husband cheated on her. The actress had openly said that she did not expect her first husband to get married.

Meanwhile, the news that the boyfriend is with his girlfriend Gopika has been circulating on social media. Now Arya has the most fans with support.


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