Hypnosis for stress? It functions! – EZPress® – Health

Hypnosis for stress?  It functions!  – EZPress® – Health

Olga Willemsen, hypnotherapist and founder of the private mental health practice New Empowered You, explains how hypnotherapy is used to prevent chronic stress and effectively treat stress-related conditions.

The Hague, 08 July 2022 /EZPress/ – In today’s world, stress at work is the number one health concern for adults. While short-term stress can be beneficial for optimal human functioning, long-term stress can take a chronic form and cause serious damage to our mental and physical condition.

The Global Organization for Stress reports that stress is the prevailing health concern for high school students and adults. It is reported that 80% of adults experience stress at work. Besides work, money, economy, family responsibilities, relationships and health are identified as the biggest causes of stress. In the short term, stress plays an essential role in helping us adapt to our environment, boosting alertness, immune defenses, longevity and resilience. On the contrary, prolonged stress can lead to anxiety, irritability, physical exhaustion and accelerated aging.

According to researchers, factors that can trigger stress are innumerable while skills to deal with them differ when it comes to managing stress. Hypnotherapist Olga Willemsen points out that one of the most likely consequences of such alarming statistics is the lack of education about managing our negative emotions at school and work. She also advocates a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Hypno Coaching as highly effective methods of stress relief. Olga mentions that due to insufficient public awareness about the benefits of hypnosis, this method is not nearly as widespread as other forms of psychotherapy.

The most common symptoms of stress
Research confirms that stress affects the whole body and is described by a combination of mental and physical health symptoms caused by different sources. Multiple studies show that subjects admit unambiguous symptoms such as irritability, anger, fatigue and low energy as the most common. These symptoms are experienced by more than 40% of people. Lack of motivation, anxiety, worry, headache, sadness, and depression are the next most common symptoms experienced by more than 30%. Many also acknowledge digestive problems, appetite loss and weight changes, muscle tension and sexual problems.

Studies also show that excessive stress affects our cognitive abilities resulting in forgetfulness, and lack of attention and focus. Long-term stress can become chronic and lead to anxiety and depression, heart disease, autoimmune disorders and various cancers. Olga Willemsen also mentions that the lack of education on managing stress and developing resilience has left many turning to substance abuse.

Treatments to reduce stress
Any form of physical exercise helps to relieve stress. Pharmacological stress relief therapies range from blood pressure medications for hypertension to prescription sedative medications to which patients develop dependencies and addictions. Olga Willemsen explains that most psychotherapy currently used for stress addresses the symptoms and side effects of stress, but not its source. Therefore, their effects are less long-lasting. So, the most common stress relief practices range from meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques to mindfulness and positive psychology.

On the contrary, Olga Willemsen’s approach to stress relief is inspired by rapid transformational therapy (RTT) and is more comprehensive and in-depth. The approach involves a combination of methods such as Hypnotherapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy Coaching. Individual sessions with clients are delivered in a sequence over a month, where the source of stress is first identified, the person’s limiting beliefs are addressed and discarded, then new positive beliefs, attitudes and habits are developed. The combination of techniques that Olga uses in her practice has proven to be highly effective in helping clients form new beliefs and make healthier lifestyle choices.

What makes hypnotherapy for stress relief so effective?
In Olga Willemsen’s practice, the clients’ stress problems are addressed through individual transformational hypnotherapy sessions coupled with coaching. Olga Willemsen confirms that such an approach combines the most effective methods and enables rapid permanent changes in health. What makes Olgas’ approach exceptionally effective is addressing the underlying cause of stress – one’s subconscious beliefs. During one-on-one Hypnotherapy coaching sessions, Olga teaches her clients about ways to manage and reduce stress.

The New Empowered You practice has helped countless clients achieve breakthroughs in their treatment in record time and create lasting changes in their behavior and mental attitudes. Olga Willemsen’s unique transformational hypnotherapy framework will help you improve your mental and physical health and reduce stress. Book a free online discovery call with Olga Willemsen to get immediate help.

About Olga Willemsen, Ph. D.
Olga Willemsen is a certified hypnotherapist, RTT therapist and transformational coach based in The Hague. Olga Willemsen is certified in neo-Ericksonian hypnosis from the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy and combines her knowledge of Neuroscience, Psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in her practice. Ms. Willemsen is also a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, which applies multidisciplinary methodologies of holistic practitioners with a common goal of empowering humanity. In Olga Willemsen’s practice, hypnotherapy and coaching sessions are multilingual and available in English, German, Russian and Dutch. Hypnotherapy practice The New Empowered You helps clients in relieving stress and anxiety in various forms. Olgas Hypnotherapy coaching method is effective in alleviating symptoms of burnout, depression, sleep disorders, trauma, lack of confidence, and self-sabotage. Olga Willemsen is available for an interview on request.

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