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from Monica Colombo

Pioli: «Now we play the games with conviction». Inzaghi’s regret: “The glass is half empty but we don’t give up”

Both, for different reasons, dreamed of such a night. Calhanoglu to take revenge on the angry attitude of his former fans after the move to Inter, Tatarusanu to prove with facts that he can play a role in the team fighting for the Scudetto.

The night was dark and stormy in large parts for the midfielder of the Nerazzurri that, already in the heating, under a deluge of whistles, he understood that the evening was going to be complicated. It was not difficult to imagine that for the Turk it would not be a banal evening and it is no coincidence that Simone Inzaghi preferred to focus on the desire for revenge of the former AC Milan player rather than on Vidal’s swirl of legs, seen in form in Tiraspol last week.

After all, after the former Rossoneri had refused any proposal to renew his contract before marrying Inter at zero, without bringing only one euro to the club that enhanced it, what reception could one have expected? In short, the script was obvious: the Milan fans targeted him for the whole game with whistles and did not spare him insults.

Not that Hakan wasn’t prepared: during the week at the Pinetina he had confessed to waiting for the derby from the beginning of the season and that the whistles would only serve to load it. In fact, he unsheathed reserves of cold blood by beating the penalty he himself procured just under the South curve, seething with anger. After the goal of the partial advantage, cheering under the sector that once idolized him, he was reprimanded for the provocative attitudeI from Florenzi, taken off the bench. In reality, when he arrived at San Siro, he spent a long time in front of the dressing room of his former teammates, embracing Pioli and Maldini in particular.

The other side of the race is that of Ciprian Tatarusanu, the player who ended up in goal amidst the hesitations of the Rossoneri people after the injury in Maignan. Forced to live with the ghost of his never forgotten ungrateful son Donnarumma, crushed by the comparison with the French who joined the new team in record time before the wrist operation, he also witnessed the purchase of Mirante. As if his place in the hierarchy could only be that of second. Instead, on Sunday evening he took the scene when in front of Lautaro he did not let himself be hypnotized and parrying the penalty gave Milan a precious point which allows him to face the break still as leaders.

“For me, the glass is half full,” he observes Pioli which keeps the Nerazzurri seven points away. «It is obvious that we prepare matches to win but the match was complicated and difficult, the players were generous».

Last year’s derbies certainly served to learn. «It’s normal, look at the difference in average age between us and Inter in the starting eleven. Now we play the games with more conviction. We should have tried more Ibra, but Rebic’s recovery is crucial».

Simone Inzaghi regrets: «For me the glass is half empty, we created many chances and missed a penalty but we faced a team first in the standings with merit. We are late but we are aware of our strength».

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