“I am a collateral victim of the Hamraoui affair”: the ex-coach of women’s PSG Ollé-Nicole breaks the silence

Didier Ollé-Nicolle takes the floor. Two months after being fired from PSG, the 61-year-old coach returns to the team on the complicated year he spent at the head of the women’s section of the club. Accused of “inappropriate facts” against a player in his group, “DON” was finally cleared by the internal investigation carried out by the club, at the end of last season. “I arrived at the training center one morning and I was warned of these charges, he rewinds. It was so unreal… The sky fell on my head […] . Fortunately, and very quickly, we asked, with my lawyer, to be heard by the police so that things were very clear. I was therefore heard under the free hearing regime at the Versailles PJ. It was a huge relief when I got out because they told me that there was no complaint against me, and they made me understand that there was no specific charge against me. »

In a brief press release published on August 1, PSG announced the end of its collaboration with Ollé-Nicole while specifying that it had “no fault or failure” to reproach him for. Recent revelations in the Diallo-Hamraoui affair specify that he could have been the target of an attempt at destabilization for personal ends.

“Proud not to have given in to pressure from those around you”

“I was used, instrumentalized, even, he adds. A collateral victim of the Hamraoui affair. In relation to my choices, my functioning… At that time, I was in contact with five internationals, including two French women, to sign for PSG this season. But there was in the atmosphere this adversity against Hamraoui. I felt that I was embarrassing for the continuation of certain personal projects. There were players at the end of the contract, in negotiations and I had my ideas about that.

Today, Ollé-Nicolle intends to identify and prosecute those responsible for his setbacks. He recently filed a complaint against X for slanderous denunciation with the public prosecutor of Versailles.

In addition, the coach returns to the way in which he had to manage the consequences of the aggression of Kheira Hamraoui within his team: “I remain very proud of not having yielded to the pressure of the entourage of certain players and to have always played Hamraoui, who deserved his place on the field. »

Ollé – Nicolle also describes the altercation that took place at the end of April between Hamraoui and Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Kadidiatou Diani, who had sided with Aminata Diallo. “We were on the eve of a Champions League semi-final. There were unbearable behaviors and I felt that something was going on […]. After a while, that was no longer possible. I had to be careful with every word I said in training, there were clans everywhere…”

“This affair had very hard consequences on my life as a coach, he concludes, assuring that all this had cost him a possible extension in Paris, then several opportunities abroad and in Ligue 2. But I am still upright, optimistic and passionate. »


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