“I believe in positive questioning”

“I believe in positive questioning”

Given the historical domination of men, women are perhaps more open and attentive, believes Marie-Christine Lombard. Let’s hope that, even when parity is reached, they know how to preserve these qualities.» THOMAS LAISNE

INTERVIEW – The leader of Geodis says how much logistics requires always going into detail.

In the fall, Geodis received the Strategic Enterprise prize awarded as part of the Sovereignty Initiative by the Institut Choiseul. Subsidiary of the SNCF, the logistics group, which achieved 13.7 billion euros in turnover in 2022, employs 55,000 people. The CEO, Marie-Christine Lombard, depicts a changing world.

LE FIGARO. – You are entering a second decade at the head of Geodis. Is this longevity an advantage?

Marie-Christine LOMBARD. – This longevity is even rooted in an older career: I have been working in the world of logistics since 1993. When I started as financial director and IT manager at Jet Service, my boss gave me everything said that I was going to start with six months in the field. Since then, I have always wanted to stay in touch with the teams and operations. To succeed in activities involving industrial processes, you must always go into detail to understand the major issues…

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