“I bought a Touareg with one song

“I bought a Touareg with one song

2023-06-02 21:12:49

The presenter Elgiz Akbar came to the agenda with his next statement.

Day.Az reports with reference to our media that Elgiz said in the public-social program “Elgizla izle” hosted by him that years ago he bought a luxury car for the song he sang with singer Khatira Islam.

“Years ago, I met the musician and arranger Yashar Bakhish. During the tea party, I told him that I wanted to be a singer.

I told him, “Teacher Yashar, I want to go to weddings, sing and earn money.” He asked, do you have a voice? I answered that I don’t know if I have a voice or not. He said, play some song for me. When I opened my mouth and hummed, the ad ended and they called me on the air. Our conversation ended right there and teacher Yashar could not convey his idea to me.

After that, I didn’t contact anyone about it again. But the desire to read was in my heart. I had never sung or hummed in my life. Years later, it became a project of Public television. In that project, I sang a song as a duet with singer Khatira Islam.

How popular this song became after that. I must confess that I bought a Volkswagen Touareg car with this song. With a song… My first car was on a bad day, broken. In memory, this song was very successful. He was invited to many weddings because of this song. We were often invited to weddings because of this song. He called and said that they want to see the two of us at a wedding in Moscow.

Buy the ticket quickly, come to the wedding. I was saying that my broadcast starts in 15 minutes, how can I leave the show and come to the wedding.

If I had joined Khatira and gone to weddings in Moscow at that time, I would have made a lot of money. A song and a duet made a big noise. But even though Khatira sang this song with other male singers after me, she did not catch it. Memory is a beautiful singer. He made this song famous earlier. But the people loved this duet of ours,” Elgiz said.

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