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from Valerio Cappelli

The actress in the cast of Andrea Magnani’s The Long Run, competing at the Turin Film Festival, and among the stars of Nanni Moretti’s new film. Communist Slovakia? Jeans banned but I have good memories

Barbora Bobulova, sobriety and elegance. Born in Martin, a Slovak citizen. In fact, this is how things are: used to people getting her name wrong, for a lifetime they called me Barbara, now they put the accent on the o. You have acted for Bellocchio, Muccino, Ozpetek, Placido. In The long run by Andrea Magnani, the Italian film in competition at the Turin Film Festival (co-produced by Rai Cinema) director of a prison, comes across a boy who, the son of prisoners, was born there, and has no intention of leaving it.

Act with the blindfold…

And with the wig. I felt like I was in a cartoon, a surreal, fabulous film. I’ve always dreamed of a Tim Burton film. The director is a kind of robot, she lives in her bubble, nothing is known about her, everything is a bit over her top.

And then Nanni Moretti.

In his new film, “The sun of the future”, I play Vera, an actress fanatic of the Communist Party. I felt protected and pampered by Nanni, she brought me back to Bellocchio. In the “Principe of the Hornburg” I was 23 years old, I was Alice in Wonderland, I found myself on the Cannes red carpet not knowing what to do, a person behind me dictated my movements, turn right, turn left. I was disoriented. How to live a dream.

What’s up with social media?

I don’t use them, they bring out the worst, a nastiness I don’t need. I don’t want to share everything with everyone.

The beginnings in Italy?

I had moments when I was worried financially, naturally, I’m from another country, I was born and raised elsewhere. But I planted roots here, I like a certain relaxation, Shallahthey are all a bit shawl. I have two daughters from director Alessandro Canale, I separated, raising them alone was a great luxury. The beginnings were hard, I experienced being a non-EU citizen firsthand. Huge queues at the police station in Rome to get a residence permit, every three months I had to go back to Slovakia if I didn’t have a new employment contract.

You lived through the communist regime.

There were also positive things that no longer exist, the right to housing, there wasn’t so much insecurity, free access to education, I also studied without paying at the Academy of Dramatic Art. Mine were both engineers, outside the nomenklatura. When you’re young you don’t see much difference, you’re unaware. Last summer I was struck by the elderly Slovaks who go around wearing Putin’s T-shirts, they are nostalgic for the Soviet empire. My parents’ generation has not adapted to this new era.

What childhood did he have?

Happy. Even though I didn’t know Walt Disney as a child and couldn’t wear jeans, they were forbidden. Mom didn’t buy clothes at the store, she sewed them at home, I remember that with the first money I earned early, when I was 12 (they were looking for a little girl for a film and I boldly introduced myself), I bought a sweater.

How did it arrive in Italy?

I wasn’t looking for luck. At a casting in Bratislava they were looking for a Slavic girl for an Italian film, “Infiltrator”. I was 19. It was a shock. Blonde, with blue eyes, I felt the looks on me. Things haven’t changed that much, men still stare at you. I was used to my country, where even if you put on a miniskirt, no one is in line.

Have you experienced harassment?

Nothing inconvenient, perhaps because I put filters and brakes, I make it clear that it’s not air, I would never find myself in the bedroom with a producer. Only once did a director ask me to rehearse his part in his hotel room and I replied “we’re fine in the lobby”.

Did you take Italian actresses as a model?

Anna Magnani and Sophia Loren were too distant from me. Then I began to understand that there are also actresses like Margherita Buy.

What mother?

I’m single, my daughters are 14 and 15, when I’m not working I dedicate myself totally to them. I’m present but I don’t show it. There are so many dangers today. Cell phones, social media. One day we were driving on the Aurelia, there were prostitutes and they asked me why they were only women and not men. It was not easy to find an answer.

Was she married?

No, I don’t believe in marriage. Maybe one day I will get married, but at the end of a relationship, as an epilogue to something that has gone well. Marriage is a job.

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