“I don’t whistle on the theater stage”

Bevor Edgar Selge He became an actor, studied piano, then philosophy and German. Selge, who was born in Brilon in 1948, was trained at the Otto Falckenberg School in Munich. From there he made his way through the theater (Münchner Kammerspiele) and television (among others as one-armed inspector Jürgen Tauber in “Polizeiruf 110”) to the cinema (“Miss Sixty”). Now the seventy-three year old, who has already been awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize, the Golden Camera, the Bambi and the German Television Prize, has made his literary debut: his novel “Have you finally found us” (Rowohlt).

What do you eat for breakfast?

I get up early, but don’t have breakfast until late, not before half past eleven, and then I eat plenty and healthy: a tablespoon of linseed oil, fresh vegetables, curd cheese, fruit, nuts, kefir, egg, cheese, feta, tomatoes, jam, sometimes smoked fish or raw ham. With bread from Pfister – fortunately I live in Munich – and coffee or black tea. The meal must last until 6 p.m. Then I eat the second time and nothing more after that. It’s called 16/8 fasting, even if the menu doesn’t sound like fasting in the morning.

Where do you buy your clothes?

There is Salon Schmitz in Cologne on Aachener Strasse, also known as Schmitz butchery, where for many years you could meet a bald man, always dressed in black, over an espresso, who took you to his hidden clothes shop, where he sells selected Belgian and Italian and sold Japanese clothing. Expensive things. Very expensive. If one complained about it or wanted to negotiate, he would say: “You are an artist! Are you stingy? An artist has to be able to waste himself. ”Intimidated and at the same time carried away by some clothes, I left a lot of money there.

What’s the oldest item of clothing in your closet?

I bought three beautiful jackets from said gentleman in the eighties. Two of them were stolen from me at film premieres when I went to the bathroom and left the jacket over the back of the chair. I still own a dark blue corduroy jacket with a white lining and always wear it when I want to look casual but also irrefutably well dressed.



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