I experimented with LuzIA, a chatbot that uses WhatsApp to provide audio transcripts and responses.

I experimented with LuzIA, a chatbot that uses WhatsApp to provide audio transcripts and responses.

2023-05-09 08:30:04

Nowadays, it is rare to meet someone who has not heard of ChatGPT. It has gained popularity among many users because it makes it easy to ask any question and provides high-quality answers. This has spawned many AI-focused projects, one of the most notable being a Spanish brand called LuzIA.

We have had the opportunity to test this new artificial intelligence and we must admit that it has pleasantly surprised us. The first thing to note is that it is completely free. All you have to do is go to their website and click on “Pruébel scratched“. Immediately after your WhatsApp opens and notifies you that an account has been found, click “Continue Chat” to continue the conversation.

LuzIA is a conversational chatbot that has a function similar to ChatGPT. In other words, you ask a question in natural language and the answer is in line with the request. Until now, most conversational chatbots needed the request to be sent in writing in order to interpret it and generate a response. But in this case, Luzia also supports sending voice messages, without the need to vocalize or speak very slowly to understand each other. This means that anyone can access the AI ​​quickly, even if they don’t have a knack for typing.

But the problem we have encountered is also present in Chatgpt. He has acknowledged that he is not connected to the Internet and cannot provide real-time weather information, despite being asked by voicemail about his plans for the weekend. We think this can be improved and added to a later version.

In addition to voice messages, you can also ask questions in the traditional way in writing, getting really fast answers. This way, the audio will be converted and the text will save you having to play it yourself.

We’ve tested it rigorously and the result is pretty good, except for a few words, like those beginning with X, which is sometimes misinterpreted as S. It can all be done without worrying about how to speak, as we’ve tested by forcing some accents, and it has worked admirably. As a translator, you can enter a text that is against the law and request to switch to a completely different language, and this works quite well. In our case we have used it in English and also in German, obtaining a very good result. In addition, it allows you to plan a trip when you know the best times to travel or the most popular places to visit.

In other words, we are looking at an AI project that anyone, including our own mothers, who do not live in a technologically advanced society, can use. Behind the AI ​​are Javier Andrés and Álvaro Martínez Higes who, according to what they told in the stochastic monkeys podcastthey use the Openai API to answer questions, and Whisper for the audio transcription.

All this for free, for now, and with a privacy policy that collects data from the web pages that are visited in order to perform an analysis or adapt advertising, and is focused on adults only. In it future LuzIA may offer information in real time, quote websites or even generate images. We must be aware of all these, because the path they are following is quite good.

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