I go away with my head held high, you won’t tarnish my name

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Emma Bonino leaves + Europe, and he does so with heavy words against his own party. The senator herself announced it first at the national assembly and then confirmed in a phone call to Fanpage.it. Internal divisions and the request for a new leadership weigh heavily with a document “pseudoanonimo“, as Bonino herself defines it, asking to get rid of the top management and proposing a new leadership for the party.”There was no dialogue, but only insults with terms that I would not want to repeat, on the chats, in all possible and imaginable ways“explains Bonino.”I personally don’t want to be in this party anymore, but it’s not a big problem since I’m one of the incompetent and ignorant“. And keeps going: “I don’t want to play this slaughter game, and I walk away alone with my head held high, proud of what we’ve done“.

Bonino leaves the party with harsh words, making available “also the seat in the Senate“. The senator attacks again:”Your greed is limitless, but it’s available don’t worry“. And then it continues:”The new plural leadership is already ready, with the farce passage decided from outside, but if it comes with these purge credentials I were you I would think about it a bit“. The announcement is clear:”I’m leaving with my head held high before you take me out, because that’s how it ends“.

Emma Bonino, addressing the assembly directly, continues: “You will get rid of the other incompetent Benedict – Della Vedova ed – and all his clique, as you call it “. It’s ready”a much more beautiful new leadership that passes on the scrapping of everything that has been there, of which I am proud“. And he concludes:”I just need a signal before Congress that the Senate seat is returned to you as I got it. You manage to drive out a person with ignominy for some lightness, muddying their history, their image. I just have to wish you good luck and ask you if you can not despise what I have done so far, if you will do the same I have broad shoulders“.

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