“I got into bitcoin because I was in a lot of debt”

BarcelonaNFTs, cryptosbitcoin, tokens, blockchain, trading, metaverses and a long et cetera of anglicisms and technical words dominated the Portal de l’Eixample space, on Carrer València in Barcelona, ​​this Friday. The Barcelona Binance Meetup took place throughout the day, a meeting for fans and professionals in the world of cryptocurrencies and tokens organized by Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform in daily transactions.

Just entering the space, the profile that predominates is clear: young people between 20 and 30 years old, and mainly boys. Lots of tattoos, short hair and the cap on, even if it’s an interior. Very eager to network and learn “from the best”, their “mentors”, who will offer a thematic talk throughout the day. But even though this is the predominant profile, there is no shortage of seniors.

Ramon [nom fictici] he is over 50 years old and talks animatedly with a young man from the organization, who helps him with one tablet to do the necessary procedure to trade “quite a large amount of money” through Binance. “It’s not a world just for young people, there are many people over 50 who are very involved and dominate – they explain -. Often it’s to diversify investments or simply to learn.”

In fact, the latter is largely the purpose of the meeting: to boost the Binance Academy branch, which consists of a platform of free educational content about the sector. “It is an open space to present itself as a regulated company and bring this technology closer to everyone,” they say. In short, to educate people who are just starting out or who are curious and also enhance the knowledge of the most experts. They expect the meeting to gather a thousand people throughout the day.

Sitting in one of the puffs moderns in a corner of the room is Axel Gil, who a few years ago earned his living as a nurse, but who now talks effusively with a fellow investor. “I got into this one scene in 2018 because I realized that the financial system was a scam – he explains with a laugh. It all started when I became independent with my partner, and we found ourselves burdened with debt: we owed more than 48,000 euros.”

“Then I decided that I would invest in gold, I didn’t know much about economics, but I knew that the markets had fallen and it was a good time. I started to study macroeconomics on my own, I came across Bitcoin and I succeeded.” he indicates with a smile. “In the end, all this has led me to found an investment fund in Andorra with a partner, we already have the permits and we will start in January – he says -. I have trained a lot to get here, and I don’t stop doing – every day”.

“We’re all a bit geeks here, I’m a lot,” explains Adrián Vacas, a 26-year-old in love with NFTs. “I came to make contacts and networking because this afternoon I have a session of the NFTs Club and I wanted to know what’s going on here,” he says. Vacas was a computer scientist and entered the world of cryptocurrencies five years ago and is now dedicated to NFTs from the world of sports in the project Ape Sports In his Instagram profile picture he has “a company NFT”, and explains that in this world he found his “great passion”.


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