“I had a problem with the helmet, I couldn’t see anything when braking”

“I had a problem with the helmet, I couldn’t see anything when braking”

2023-10-01 15:40:09

Joan Mir could have benefited a lot from the difficult conditions that the MotoGP riders had to face today in Motegi. The Spaniard started from 15th position on the grid, and after passing through the pits at the end of the first lap to take his second bike, The Honda driver managed to advance three positions to 12th, now with more water on the track.

From there, Joan progressed significantly; He passed Miguel Oliveira, Fabio Di Giannantonio and Brad Binder to place seventh on lap number seven, and after an intense tussle with Jack Miller, He managed to keep that place until lap 12when an error by #36 caused him to lose all the ground he had lost, dropping to 12th position in one fell swoop.

At that moment, Race Direction decided to put an end to the race with a red flag, and Joan Mir took the pit road visibly annoyed with his helmet. Later, at a press conference, the Spaniard explained the reason for this anger, and assessed the result of a weekend in which he could only score four points.

“I have had visibility problems due to the helmet, something that has never happened to me,” lamented the Repsol pilot. “It’s a shame because I couldn’t see, I lost reference when braking. Fighting with Jack I could see a little but then, with the heavy rain, my helmet filled with water.”

Mir considers that the first lap of the race, with slick tires, “It was quite dangerous because it was raining a lot and You came to the curves without knowing what was going to happen, but we have decided to change and it has been better. It is a career in which, despite everything, I have enjoyed.”

The Balearic does not hide that for him it was a “relief” see the red flags, thus putting an end to his agony on the Honda and the zero visibility that the helmet offered him: At the moment of the red flag I wanted to stop in the pits and for me it was a relief. I was one of those few drivers who benefited from going out again, but it is true that the track conditions were not suitable for racing.”

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Asked about his problem with the helmet, the Spaniard admitted “be very disappointed”, and trust “understand why this happened today” to avoid more problems with the visor in the future. “I was doing a good race coming from behind, but with this helmet problem I haven’t had the chance to do anything. AGV is a top brand, I am sure that together we will find a way to prevent situations like today from being repeated.”concludes Marc Márquez’s boxing neighbor.

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