“I had a quiet birth in the seventh month”

“I had a quiet birth in the seventh month”

Bar Peretz, the wife of Sagi Keenan (Eyal Golan’s best friend), and also Ben El Tabori’s ex, puts an end to questions and doubts, revealing: “I had a quiet birth.”

“I have been inundated with so many messages and questions recently: if I gave birth? What month am I? Why am I exercising during pregnancy? How do I feel? And many congratulations that I deserve a happy birthday,” wrote Peretz.

“So no, I didn’t give birth,” Bar continued, “I went through a quiet birth (actually a normal birth, only without a pulse) in a very advanced month, the seventh month. One of the most shocking and difficult experiences of my life.”

“I’m writing this so that people will be more sensitive to the environment,” Bar continued. “We don’t know what women go through and what happens to them in the womb, whether they manage to get pregnant, what they went through before – and sometimes we tend to ask out of curiosity and that’s legitimate. I’m writing this to raise awareness and get up in the morning and be thankful for what we have, to appreciate and respect those around us. Enjoy, be happy and appreciate. ‘A day that passes never comes back.'” A huge hug.


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