“I had the second dose of Moderna, I will finally be able to see my collaborators again” – time.news

Finally, he will be able to return to the company and greet our collaborators and collaborators for Easter. Dario Osella, 89, president and shareholder of Fattorie Osella, was vaccinated on March 21 with the second dose against Covid. The owner of the robiola cheese received the vaccine – Moderna, not Pfizer – at the Savigliano hospital, in the province of Cuneo, near where the family food company is based.

Dario Osella at the first dose of the vaccine on February 21, 2021

The first dose was given to him on February 21, after he was on the lists mid-month. In about ten days, you will be able to meet people again safely. I am happy that my wife and I have already been vaccinated – he says -. We are very grateful to the Savigliano vaccination center which works very well. Soon I will be able to stroll through Caramagna Piemonte, return to the dairy and see collaborators that I miss so much. We continue to resist and hopefully hope for better times. We will be able to defeat the pandemic.

Dario Osella at the Savigliano vaccination center for the second dose of vaccine
Dario Osella at the Savigliano vaccination center for the second dose of vaccine

The return to the dairy

Accompanying Dario Osella to get vaccinated was his daughter Rossella, who is taking over the family business: she sits on the board of directors and shareholder.

Dario Osella in a photo from a few years ago
Dario Osella in a photo from a few years ago

For Easter my father, grown up and vaccinated, will finally be able to return to the dairy and see collaborators, collaborators and many cheeses – he says -. I thank the staff of the Savigliano vaccination center, competent and kind.

Rossella Osella
Rossella Osella

The capital

In Fattorie Osella the capital divided almost in half between the family at 48.9% – the parents Dario Osella and Anna Carlotti are usufructuaries with 24.45% each, the children Rossella and Gino have the bare ownership – and the giant Mondelez Italia (51.9%), the former Kraft Foods. The company has 125 employees and in 2019-2020 saw an increase in sales of robiola by 2.5% (in the three classic, organic and lactose-free versions, Nielsen data) also due to the tendency to cook at home, Mondelez said. in February it confirmed the development plans. To sell the shares? Not at all, said Rossella Osella, who also owns 42.5% of Acqua Sant’Anna with her family and specified: The success of the partnership between an entrepreneur family and a multinational is also given by the desire to get along.


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