“I haven’t gone out yet, I’m scared”

On Sunday, 52-year-old Yuri Volkov, who was murdered in Holon following an argument on the road, was laid to rest. His widow Lena and his wife Daria got up from Shaiva today (Friday) and spoke in an interview with Friday News in Khan 11 about the fear of giving a lenient sentence to Adi Mizrahi, who is suspected of murder, and about the incessant incidents of violence on the roads and streets in Israel. Lena, who witnessed her husband’s murder, said: “I haven’t gone out into the street yet – I’m afraid.”

It was a public protest that caused the court to escalate the charges against Mizrahi from reckless death to murder, and Daria fears that this is not the end of the story. “Our legal authority is very soft towards murderers, criminals and rapists. This is what scares me, that our legal authority will be too soft on a Mizrahi witness who committed the murder – I didn’t see any careless death here, because there was no carelessness here.”

When asked about the wave of violence across the country, Lena said that we need to raise our children for a better country. Daria agreed with her fear and said: “Our country has reached a situation where murder and violence are happening in our home. It is not enough that we have our enemies outside – we also have enemies in our home, in the place we live in, the place we fought for. We need to make this phenomenon stop.” Daria added that it is necessary to “educate the children to a better home, to a warmer country, especially in the schools and in every organization that can be done and warm the heart of our country as much as possible.”


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