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2023-05-30 07:00:07

Alexandr Gutu, a chef of Moldovan descent, recently lost all of his life savings after being scammed by a woman he met online.

According to the Mirror UK portal, Gutu was saving to buy a house of his own and bring his family to live with him in Derbyshire, England. However, after suffering a BRL 260,000 (£42,000) blow, that dream will have to wait.

Through a dating app, the chef met a woman who claimed that her uncle could “help him earn a lot of money” through cryptocurrencies. Believing they had a relationship, Gutu confided in her and sent her a small amount of money to invest.

After succeeding in the first test, he sent a much larger amount, and the scammers deleted the account of the “girlfriend” who was talking to him and disappeared, taking all the money with them.

“Without my savings, I can’t buy a house, I can’t raise a family, I’m always working,” lamented Gutu to the portal. “I calculated that it would take two years working every day to recover the money. I know it’s all my fault, I just wanted to find a girlfriend and I trusted ‘her'”, he revealed.

The scam victim even mentioned that he had long conversations with the person he believed to be his girlfriend. “We were talking about life, family and the future. One day ‘she’ asked me about my plans for the future and I replied that I wanted to buy a house in England, and ‘she’ said she could help me with an extra income. it started.”

The incident was reported to Action Fraud, an institution that deals with such scams, and the Derbyshire Police Fraud Department, who referred Alexandr Gutu to the financial service.

Alexandr’s bank said it was unable to refund him and advised him to try contacting the cryptocurrency exchange he was using when he was scammed. Gutu is trying to get donations online to recoup some of the money.

“I know that nobody has an obligation to help me, because people have different problems at the moment, like bills, children, health problems, but I decided to try anyway,” he said.

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