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from Salvatore Riggio

After the photos of the couple reunited in Milan published by the PSG striker, a new shot rekindles the gossip about an alleged separation: Wanda seems to have not forgiven

There is a new chapter on the (social?) Affair between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi. And of course everything is told about Instagram. In one story, Argentina published his hand without an important detail, with an unequivocal caption: “Good morning, I like my hand without a ring better”. Basically, (for now) there seems to have been no forgiveness for Maurito.

On the morning of Sunday 17 October Wanda Nara had fled from Paris taking a private flight with her five children: the three boys she had with Maxi Lopez and the two girls she had with the former Inter captain. Stormy hours in the private life of Icardi, who in the meantime – thanks to a PSG permit – has reached his wife (and attorney, around them they turn business on business) in Milan dedicating posts and hearts to her on social networks (naturally on social networks). Happy ending? Yes, no, maybe.

Because the last bet is Wanda Nara, who perhaps in a somewhat provocative way published his hand without a ring. Evidently to make Maurito understand that reaching full forgiveness is a long and winding road. In all this Eugenia Suarez «La China» replied to the gossip site Mdz, assuring: «I don’t know where all this came from, I don’t even know them. I just separated, I’m thinking about something else“. Who will kick off the next chapter?

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