A new I Love My Ears campaign has started this week. The Doppies campaign should encourage young people in the age group of 18-25 to wear earplugs with a music filter.

In the commercial, Doppies remind young people to wear earplugs with a music filter for an optimal music experience. A supporting campaign package has been developed through which the Doppie characters and the importance of earplugs with music filters can also be brought to the attention of organizers of concerts, events and festivals via the covenant partners.

Saskia Kloet, hearing program manager at VeiligNL: ‘Hearing damage is irreversible. So you can never cure it. This has a major impact on your daily life. In our opinion, protecting your hearing is therefore essential to prevent hearing damage or to prevent the initial damage from getting worse.’

The Doppies campaign was tested in November last year. In four weeks, 260,000 young people have seen at least 15 seconds of the Doppies animation video. Nearly 100,000 young people have watched the video. The campaign ensured that more than 35,000 young people visited the Doppies website.

In addition, the pilot showed that 10 percent more of all young people who had seen the advertisements bought earplugs with a music filter compared to the group who had not seen the campaign.