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Everyone will remember the scene where Vadivelu sees the girl in Sarathkumar’s Mai movie. In the scene, the girl’s father character is Vamma Minnal and the girl comes and goes as a cargo. This comedy scene was talked about a lot among the fans. Deepa is the female actress who played lightning in the movie Mai. After this film she was called Minnal Deepa.

After Minnal Deepa Mai, she acted in various films like Vijay’s Tamil and Madhavan’s Run. After that he focused on serials rather than acting in movies. Zee played the lead role in the Yaradi Nee Mohini series airing in Tamil.

He became very popular among the people through this series. Sundari is currently starring in the serial Sundari on Sun TV. The lightning character became Reach on a large scale after the Mai movie.

Vadivelu had said that there will be a lot of film opportunities for Lightning character Al Deepa. Deepa Mai played the role of a woman with a different eye in the role of Lightning in the film.

But everyone in the film industry has come to believe that it is true for some people to tell Tappa to stick to playing the woman who really has a different eye for that character. Thus, the film opportunities for Lightning Deepa were missed. Mai got a big reach in the film but it went unnoticed for Lightning Deepa.

Now, after a gap of 20 years, Minnal Deepa has made a re-entry in Tamil cinema. Minnal Deepa has acted in the upcoming film Raja Vamsam directed by Kathir and starring Sasikumar and Nikki Kalrani. Similarly, Vadivelu has now started acting in cinema after a long hiatus.

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