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Tomorrow begins Radio Italians, a new Sunday appointment for Corriere Daily. Why radio? Because it will be a podcast that we will do and listen together, like everything that the Courier service, for twenty-three years, under the sign of Italians. In the case of Radio Italians, it will be your questions, opinions and considerations; and my answers. Your voices and my voice. A way to talk about the week that ends and think about the one that opens.

Italians – several readers know – a blog / forum born on time.news in 1998. Last century. How many things have we done since then! 104 pizzas in as many cities around the world (from Europe to the USA, from New Zealand to Canada, from China to Argentina), to get to know us, until 2010. A competition linked to a palindrome date: 20-02-2002 (five thousand of you have told us, from every corner of the planet, how they spent that day). Since 2007, the live videos of PuntoItalians. A collective book in 2008. SportItalians Mondays, until 2011. And, of course, every day, the letters and responses posted on the blog. Perhaps the oldest in Italy. When Italians was born, the blog name didn’t exist. They were still called weblog, you think.

Now, twenty-three years later, Radio Italians! A podcast together. Words spoken, this time, not written. Send your voice messages – short, clear, with a point of view – to the number 345 612 5226. We will choose a few each week. And the little man in the raincoat will try to answer. Let’s start?

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