“I saw a black eye. I crashed, I was scarred”

Shoham Sadovsky previously shared with Roy Barko in a difficult relationship that went through, and he was there to support and strengthen. Now, it’s his turn to share with his partner from “The Group” (tonight at 22:15) about an experience with a partner that left scars behind. In a deep conversation just before bed, Roy opens up and even confesses to Shoham about his feelings for her.

“You touched a burning point. In the last relationship I had, I was madly in love,” Roy shared. Everything was fine and dandy, but suddenly the thing happened that changed everything: “I received a message on Instagram from someone, she said to me, ‘Tell me, is this your girlfriend?’ “.

“She sent me screenshots and I saw a black eye. I crashed, I was scarred. I have a trust problem, I can be hurt the worst and I’m deathly afraid of it,” Roy continues to share, confessing to Shoham: “I really feel things for you, you blew my mind And the heart, which is something I’m not used to.”


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