“`I speak Ratan Tata!’ A phone has changed the font on the leg!”- The couple sharing the fun | Repos Founder remembers the phone call with Ratan Tata that changed everything

Yes, Ratan Tata has been a role model for many startups. Ratan Tata has been a role model for both Aditi and Chetan since they started Repos Energy. Ratan Tata met and talked to both of them who dreamed of seeing Ratan Tata one day.

Aditi and Sethan couple have recorded enthusiastically about the call and meeting with him that he would give his advice to run the Repos company successfully.

Ratan Tata

Commenting on this, Aditi said, “We decided to have a good personality to guide and advise our company Repos Energy. Ratan Tata was the only name we both had in mind. But meeting him was not an easy task. Even my husband said, ‘He is not a neighbor at all. “It’s impossible”. However, I had a hope. Neither of us had formal business education. So many people said that it would be difficult to meet Ratan Tata. After several attempts, one day we prepared everything to give a 3D presentation about our company in Mumbai. we went

Then we went to Ratan Tata’s house and sent a handwritten letter to Ratan Tata with his contact address. We waited in front of his house for about 12 hours waiting for a reply from him. Then we went to our room. Around 10 pm we got a call from Ratan Tata. ‘I am Ratan Tata, I have received your letter. Can we meet?’ he asked. We met him the next day. We told about our company. He took us to many places and gave us lots of advice. That is the foundation of our company’s success even today,” he says with aplomb.


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