“I tamer of tigers for circus Togni in Milan”

“I’ll be a tiger tamer, locked in a cage for half an hour, on Friday in Milan at the Circo Togni”. This is what Lele Mora announces to time.news, explaining about the recurring controversies against the presence of animals in circuses: “Animals must be treated well and then they too treat you well and give you a lot; and circuses are the place where animals they love each other more: without animals, the circus itself loses some of its charm “, he says, announcing that he will soon also put animals in hologram.

“After the closures due to the Covid pandemic, it is a party to return to the show. In two days in Milan, I will be with Bruno Togni, in front of twenty tigers; but only on the opening night, as a guest star”, reports Lele Mora again. . Any fear of being in front of the ‘cute felines’? “Absolutely not – he replies – I know those dynamics well, I had identical experiences at Moira Orfei’s circus, I’m serene: if you make the tigers feel that you are not afraid, they won’t do anything to you”, he assures you.

(by Enzo Bonaiuto)


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