I teach: ‘I have been committed to raising awareness of ALS for years’

“This adventure began a few years ago when, while working on my radio show, a request was made to make people aware of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis which “steals” the voice of patients who are affected by it but few are aware of it. The voice, being the most important element of communication in the world, cannot be lost, I am also speaking of unfortunately deaf and mute people. They asked me for a small promo “give a word to ALS patients”. I said “well, why a word and not a voice?”, because, with all due respect to the great Stephen Hopkins, rights and dignity cannot be given to people who lose their voice. And from there a long journey was born which today has arrived at a solution”. Pino Insegno, actor and voice actor, told time.news Salute on the sidelines of the presentation of the My Voice campaign, promoted by Aisla with NemoLab and Nemo Clinical Centers this afternoon at the Teatro Tirso la Molina in Rome Two exceptional voices, Pino Insegno and the singer-songwriter Ron, the latter former national councilor of Aisla, are testimonials of the initiative.

“For this reason, it is very pleasant to say with great joy that almost certainly – adds Insegno – from today on this dignity will be restored to ALS patients. Maybe they will be able to ‘speak’ with their own voice thanks to a certain type of vocal synthesis. Everything I didn’t do this alone, I had people much more important than me who gave me credibility. I acted a bit like the Steve Jobs of the poor, I introduced myself as an engineer to the other engineers saying “put me a song inside this little box, this will be the I-pad”. I have done the same thing with many important personalities and important companies and today the sun is rising around this very great possibility, of being able to restore dignity to people with Sla, and I hope not only”.


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