I tell Corriere – Titanic, boats, whatsapp a short circuit for Schlein

I tell Corriere – Titanic, boats, whatsapp a short circuit for Schlein

2023-06-24 15:46:07

Dear Aldo,
for the search and rescue of the Titan submarine and the five very wealthy passengers, coast guards and commercial companies from different countries were rightly mobilized. The media gave much prominence to the news. I don’t know that the same efforts are made for the boats that cross the Mediterranean every week with hundreds of people on board. The shipwreck in Greece was an immense humanitarian catastrophe largely avoidable if it had been managed with at least a minimum of commitment with which we tried to deal with the much smaller tragedy of the Titan. And the media talked about it much less. Doesn’t that seem like an injustice to you?
Giulio D’Arrigo, Catania

Dear Julius,
Three days ago, like many others, I received a whatsapp with the warning forwarded many times that said: The strange world. Buy a 250 thousand euro ticket to embark on a modern submarine, descend into the depths to see the wreck of the Titanic but something goes wrong: there is worldwide concern and everyone rushes to save you. You run away from a war, dictatorship or famine, you pay everything you have to get on a shabby boat, cross the stormy seas and something goes wrong: you are shipwrecked in general silence and someone even says that you brought it on yourself. Honestly, I would not have expected to find the same concept and almost the same words in the declaration of the secretary of the Democratic Party. For heaven’s sake, there is some truth in that whatsapp, certainly conceived and written by a sharp mind. For politics, a step further is expected. A summary. Something like: human lives must always be saved, any noble rescue; but let us also remember the poor who do not make the news, even more so when we should be the ones to save them. As regards the mechanisms of communication, everything associated with the Titanic, and in general with America, has a particular weight. But it cannot be denied that indifference to the shipwrecks in the Mediterranean will be held against our generation for the time to come.

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The injustice

We teachers, fragile workers, what awaits us?

I learn from the press and TV that the Senate Labor Commission has granted the extension of smart working for workers certified fragile by the Ministerial Health Decree of 4/2/2022: : for private individuals until 31 December, for public employees only until to 30 September. Already in this decision the discrimination is evident, bordering on unconstitutionality. The problem – they say – are the teachers who need to be replaced and therefore there are no funds to pay substitute teachers. There is money for dogs and cats but not for humans with cancer or immunodepressive disorders. What a shame! Taking into account that lessons are suspended in July and August, the great economic effort of the government is reduced to the month of September alone. Without taking into account that on 1 September fragile teachers returning to school will not know if and how to be used in agile work. Nor will school leaders know which tasks to assign at home. I am a kindergarten teacher and cannot be used for distance learning. Could Minister Valditara be able to give the same instructions for everyone? The Conte government had granted the equivalence of the pathology to hospitalization which does not cost one euro more than working at home, which cannot always be carried out. Why not adopt this solution? The alternates would still be appointed without additional burdens.
Rita Longobucco


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