I tell Corriere – Tonali’s lowered flag and Galliani’s prophecy

I tell Corriere – Tonali’s lowered flag and Galliani’s prophecy

2023-06-25 09:20:12

Dear Aldo,
after the death of Berlusconi, the retirement from football of Ibra and the sacking of Paolo Maldini, the Milan fans are undergoing another very painful farewell: it is Sandro Tonali, close to moving to Newcastle for 70 million euros plus 5 bonuses , with an annual salary of 8 million euros net plus two bonuses for the next six seasons. one of the players most loved by the Milan supporters, now disoriented. A disorientation accentuated by the willingness, shown up to now, by the Inter managers to resist the requests of more successful clubs than Newcastle, who are just waiting for a nod to swoop in Milan and offer Nicol Barella a salary, practically double the current one .
Peter Mancini

Dear Peter,
Reading your letter reminded me of what Adriano Galliani says in his Memoirs of Adriano G., the beautiful book written with Luigi Garlando: the last footballer in the Italian Serie A to win the golden ball was Kak in 2007; and there will never be another. At first it seemed to me a nefarious prediction. Unfortunately Galliani risks being right. Because as soon as a talent emerges in our championship, companies incomparably richer than ours arrive – Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and at least five or six of the Premier League – to offer him a quadruple salary. And if the player hesitates, his agent will convince him. Then it’s not always a deal for those who leave: think of the difficulties of Gigio Donnarumma, while Milan found a phenomenon like Mike Maignan in goal. Sometimes it is better to stay in one’s own dimension, in the city that has adopted you – all the more so a splendid city like Milan – rather than emigrate to the English mists, to a very rich club like Newcastle which, however, has already extinguished other talents, including the formidable one by Tino Asprilla. Sandro Tonali is an excellent footballer, the experience abroad also makes him grow in the perspective of the national team; but the Serie A clubs have to equip themselves differently, even opening up to investment funds, if they want to remain competitive and not pierce the hearts of the fans every time by making a flag grow and having it ripped away, like the tricolor stolen by the Bourbons from the Garibaldians in Calatafimi ( but then they won the battle).

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My odyssey to have the pram at the airport

I would like to point out the bad behavior of a well-known low-cost airline in the person of the check-in counter employee, on the occasion of the Lamezia – Bologna flight on 12 June. Although I had booked assistance in time as I was disabled, confirmed to me by the company via e-mail, the assistant revoked my assistance justifying itself with new policies of the airline, which would not accept a number of assistance exceeding a certain number for the same flight. It is unacceptable for a disabled person to arrive at the airport, within the scheduled times, and cannot make use of the regularly requested disabled assistance because the company or someone at check-in has not carried out the appropriate checks and the only solution proposed is to get on on a later flight. If it hadn’t been for the understanding of the service personnel present in the Amica room and at the subsequent metal detector check, who, seeing me in extreme difficulty, did their utmost to make a wheelchair available to me (this too was denied by the aforementioned desk clerk) and to to get my assistance back, I would have had to walk with extreme difficulty holding on to my husband for the entire planned route to the Lamezia airport and then to Bologna, going up and down the access stairs, obviously risking possible injuries. Of course, I will send my complaint to all the competent and information bodies, reserving any kind of action against this unacceptable behavior so that this situation cannot repeat itself again.
Stephanie Scappatura

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