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Run and don’t trip, don’t turn around, just run. I tried to get into Kamal’s head and emotions, that run away to live, says the regista Haider Rashid. This story was born when he read about the undergrowth of migrant hunters. Haider born and raised in Florence. The father ofIraq, a non-practicing Muslim, the Italian mother. His film a journey for survival. Is titled Europe, in Italy it will be distributed by I Wonder Pictures and will go to the Cannes Film Festival, at the Fortnight: I was hoping for a lot, I live it as a privilege.

Kamal un young Iraqi hunted down on the border between Turkey and Bulgaria. He finds himself in a forest but not has the slightest idea where he is from. chased by border police and migrant hunters, who are not an official force, patrol the border without no form of legality, linked to xenophobia and dynamics that we know. Even the police without rules and it behaves illegally. There are investigations by major human rights organizations to testify. Migrants come beaten, robbed of the few personal effects, in addition to the money. They leave Istanbul aboard minibuses or hidden in trucks with some kind of survival kit.

Kamal played by Adam Ali, 21 years old, as a child he escaped from Libya with his parents, now lives in Manchester. It has an almost da face silent cinema and this is a film that is not guided by dialogue but byexpressiveness and the relationship with the environment. To escape from his own pursuers, must climb Strandzha Mountain, taking advantage of nature to hide. I will meet other migrants. Solidarity is not triggered, a human sample, you find the informers, people who when they don’t reject you welcome you with suspected, and people who give you the money left to refresh you. On the border there is a whole micro economy with refugees.


Cinema-verit? I talked to whoever did the journey that I tell. We all had 20 years and I was struck by theirs youth so different from mine. The goal to go beyond the reportage. The camera on the protagonist. It passes three nights and three days in the forest, which for the director becomes symbol of Europe. It feeds on what it finds, berries, leaves; he drinks the water of the streams. There is a risk of one noble rhetoric? I pursued the idea of ​​a story as raw as possible, emotional, visceral and at the same I fear rarefied, I tried to keep as far away from pietism as possible.

His full-fledged mixed family, never had clashes on these issues, I live mine dual origin with joy and a sense of discovery. Pap is called Erfan, a well-known dissident journalist, for political reasons he fled Iraq. When in the 80s in the house of friends he met mum, a barely spoke Italianor. How did you discover cinema? My father was film director series in Italy for Arab TV. As a child he entrusted me small roles as an actor. Haider, have you experienced prejudices? Explicit episodes no, but after 9/11 the perception of Arab culture has changed. Sure, insults more or less veiled there have been.

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