I want to be a magician !: the 12 competitors of the Rai2 talent

I want to be a magician !: the 12 competitors of the Rai2 talent

A great adventure is about to begin in a suggestive and fairytale castle where everything is possible. “I want to be a magician!” – the new reality-talent produced by Rai2 in collaboration with Stand by me, from an idea by Cristiana Farina and Ennio Meloni – on air from 21 September for five first evenings, it will feature 12 “teen wizards” from all over Italy, d age between 14 and 19 years.

Pasquale Guercia (16, Salerno); Luca Function (18, Sarzana – SP); Giulia Serafin (17, Treviso); Giuseppe Capitolino (15, Cleto – CS); Marco Loffredo (17, Naples); Silvia Lollino (18, Varese); Giulia Mangialomini (16, Castelvetrano -TP); Giorgio Andolfatto (16, Turin); Elettra Tercon (17, Ferrara); Christian Ceresera (18, Brescia); Daniel Motta (17, Villasanta – MB); Matilde Carioli (14, Bergamo).

These very young “apprentices” have different characters and personalities but are united by a single great passion: the art of magic. They will be divided into three families – respectively the Red Foxes, the Golden Feathers and the Blue Abyss – they will study and perfect the magical arts, they will compete to pass the exams and avoid the rejection: only some of them will win the diploma of magician, and the best will win the golden wand.

But soon even the “Babbaloni” will knock on the doors of the Castle. Who I am? Young influencers foreign to the world of magic but real “social wizards”. Meanwhile, the toto-names on the web have already begun to reveal their identities.

From 9 September the RaiPlay page dedicated to the program will be available online, https://www.raiplay.it/programmi/voglioessereunmago/, where you will be able to see exclusively the stories of the young magicians protagonists, their dreams and their expectations; a challenge to acquire technical and artistic skills, but above all to learn to see difficulties as an opportunity to improve and overcome one’s limits.

“I want to be a magician” is an original format produced by Rai2 in collaboration with Stand by me, from an idea by Cristiana Farina and Ennio Meloni. Project manager Cristiana Farina; Stand by me curator Francesco Sturlese, Rai curator Tiziana Iemmo, Stand by me executive producer Davide Pisano, Rai executive producer Paola Maggioli. Authors: Totò Coppolino, Anna Agata Evangelisti, Simona Iannicelli, Francesca Mattioli, Giona Peduzzi. Directed by Fabrizio De Plano.



The true Paschal magic was made to himself, in fact, in it he found a refuge in the most difficult moments of his life. Little by little the dream of becoming a professional magician made its way into his head. Grandpa helps him build magic items! Her ace in the hole are her doves, which make her magic tricks truly unique!


Luca is a huge Harry Potter fan. He was adopted when he was two, his interest in magic started when he was six and it was his release valve. Performing now is her passion. He has a very strong personality: he is determined and has a very high regard for himself, which is why he emerges as a charismatic leader in his group of friends.


In life he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. For her future she sees herself as a pediatric engineer or oncologist. She defines herself as a very touchy and anxious girl. The passion for magic was passed on to her by her sister, a few years older, who gave her a magic box: she has since started following online magic tutorials.


Giuseppe got close to magic thanks to a show he saw on the street as a child during a holiday with his parents; immediately fell in love with the positive emotions that magic transmitted to the spectators. Without thinking too much, he started engulfing wizard videos on YouTube, then he started reading books and buying all kinds of decks of cards. A few years ago he started studying in a semi-professional way.


Marco has only three interests in his life: magic, girls and the disco: everything else is superfluous for him. Thanks to magic he often manages to snatch a smile and a phone number from some girl… He is very outgoing, loves music, is an entertainer and DJ, besides he cares a lot about his body and trains almost every day. From a magical point of view he deals with card magic, mentalism but also fakirism and for him attending a school of magic would be very stimulating.


Silvia has always considered herself a tomboy and in fact gets along better with boys and less with girls. Her dream is to become a complete artist: she plays the guitar (even the electric one) and she would like to attend a theater academy. He started doing magic on his own and then attended several courses. She is an expert in card magic and is studying stage magic because she loves doing things big.


She has a great passion for music: she studied singing, piano and plays drums in a band, the Revolution Girls. Her dream is to become a coroner and actress. She has always liked magic, since she was a child, but she approached card magic during the lockdown: she spent whole days playing cards with her parents. One day he searched for a video to learn how to make something new with cards and found some magic tutorials. From there she became passionate and never left the cards and the cube.


Giorgio has a secret weapon with which to face life: laughter! And thanks to it he defeated his schoolmates who did not leave him alone in middle school, behaving in the opposite way to theirs. In fact, his goal is to give everyone a smile. Magic also played a fundamental role in this personal growth: what better way to show your character to people than to amaze them with magic tricks?


Behind the gentle eyes of Elettra hides a determined character. Passions? Writing, acting, singing, playing the guitar and piano. He lives with his parents and adopted sister, originally from Nepal. She grew up living with the concept of diversity. The passion for magic was transmitted to her by her mother who made her read the Harry Potter books.


Christian does not like to lose, so he tries to give his best in all circumstances. Behind him he has a family that taught him the value of teaming up and that sacrifices in life are necessary to achieve goals. Christian has been practicing magic for five years now and hopes to one day become a professional illusionist.


Despite being very young, Daniel already knows what he wants from life: a close family, health, money and success! He does not like to study and has been rejected twice for misconduct. He lives with his mom, brother and a dog. He does not have a good relationship with his father (his parents have divorced) and his uncle is his point of reference. It was he who passed on to him the passion for magic. As a child he was bullied several times for his small R, short stature and his passion for magic; despite this he worked a lot on his self-esteem and now he is confident and defends friends in need.


As small as she is determined, Matilde does not feel made to finish second: she is only interested in winning. One of his weapons is the gab that he uses to his advantage to always be right in any discussion. Passionate about fashion, she always has the right outfit ready for every occasion. At home Matilde does not hide that she is the favorite of her father, with whom she has a beautiful bond and just with him she became passionate about magic.


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