“I want to take a bath in Shah Rukh Khan’s bath water” !! Every wish of the fans !!

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Shah Rukh Khan’s face has been the talk of social media for a long time following the arrest of his son Aryan Khan in the Mumbai drug case and the controversy that followed. His son’s arrest and the many controversies surrounding it had upset him greatly. But despite all the controversy, King Khan is now active in the film industry.

Now a relevant part of an old interview of the star is going viral on social media. King Khan is a huge fan of Indian cinema, not just of Bollywood. In that video, Shah Rukh Khan says something very different about a big fan of his. He said the fan came home with a strange need. Shah Rukh Khan’s words were ഒരിക്ക ‘Once a fan came to my residence Mannath. His wish was for me to take a bath in the pool. When he got home, he took off his clothes and started bathing in the pool. Security arrived immediately. The matter is reversed.

He says his strange need when he tries to dissuade him. The interesting thing about this is that this fan does not want to see me in person or get an autograph from me. Instead, he just has to take a bath in the pool, says Shah Rukh Khan in an interview. An old interview of Shah Rukh Khan has gone viral on social media.

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