“I was choked”: Paris Hilton stands up for abused children – people

She herself suffered agonies in the torture boarding school, now she makes herself strong for other victims …

Reality star Paris Hilton (40) spoke out before the US Congress in Washington with forceful words for stricter rules in the fight against abuse of children in youth facilities.

“I was choked, slapped in the face, watched in the shower by male employees, insulted with swear words, forced to take medication without diagnosis, not properly trained, put in solitary confinement in a scratched and blood-smeared room and so much more”, said the hotel heiress about her time in a boarding school.

In her documentary “This is Paris”, the now 40-year-old made public last year that she had experienced abuse and violence in private schools. These were mainly facilities for children who, in the opinion of their parents, cause problems or are difficult to bring up.

Her parents had sent Paris to Provo Canyon School in the US state of Utah because they no longer had their daughter under control at home in New York. Here it is no longer Paris, here it was only number 127.

“For 20 years I’ve had a recurring nightmare in which I was kidnapped by two strangers in the middle of the night, searched and locked in a facility,” said Hilton in the documentary. “I wish I could tell you this agonizing nightmare is just a dream, but it is not.”

Speaking at a press conference in Washington, she said, “Federal law and funding are urgently needed to achieve real reform and real accountability for such community institutions in America.”

If there had been stricter regulation at the time, she would have been spared psychological problems and post-traumatic stress disorder for more than 20 years



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