I was devastated, the Garden is my favorite place

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Surprisingly or not, precisely after returning from suspension, LeBron James presented his best game of the season with a season-high 39 points, which set the Lakers up for victory despite Anthony Davis’ absence, 116: 124 over the Indiana Pacers after overtime. At the end of the game the star referred to his suspension in the previous game recalling an incident with Isaiah Stewart and recounted: “As soon as I saw an unanswered call from the Lakers general manager straight away I said to myself ‘I’m suspended’. The blow to Isaiah Stewart was unintentional.”

LeBron Was in charge of eight points out of the 12 that the Lakers scored in overtime and arranged the win for his team, but that did not lessen his disappointment much in light of the fact that he missed the only visit to Madison Square Garden. “I was devastated. This is my favorite place in the world to play, but that’s what it is. The incident? If you look at the reverse gear you will see that his elbow was high and it threw me off balance, I tried to get up and leaned on his arm, he was out of balance and hit him. “I grabbed his head and went to apologize to him. Obviously you saw what happened next, but the blow was definitely accidental.”

“I hate to see it, what escalated after that,” James continued. “I did not think it justified suspension. I thought it justified suspension from the game because of what happened next. When I’m probably still in the game and the excitement from the fans and what could happen after that, obviously. But the suspension? I did not think it justified. But the league made that call and we are here Today”.

The game in Indianapolis also did not go smoothly and in an unusual move LeBron approached the referee and asked him to keep away two Indiana fans who were sitting on the parquet. “There is a big difference between cheering your team on, whistling contempt for your opponents or not wanting to see your opponent succeed, and the times when it’s exaggerated with obscene gestures and words not to be tolerated. I would not say it to a fan and a fan should never say it to a player,” he said LeBron at the end. It is not clear exactly what happened but the evicted couple left with the man with a smeared smile on his face while the woman pretended to have a fake cry towards LeBron.

Bottom line, the Lakers won thanks to a formidable King James basketball show that garnered compliments from both sides. “That’s why he’s the GOAT man,” he said Malik Monk Who finished with 17 points off the bench. “I’ve been watching it my whole life, it’s the ‘Jordan’ of our generation.” The coach too Frank Vogel Complimented his star and said: “What he did tonight is a show reserved for giants. I know the warm atmosphere with the Indiana crowd and how much they love their hoops. He put on an amazing show and it is clear that he is the man of the match. “

“We had to get the ball out of his hands and we did not do it and we paid for it,” he concluded Rick Carlisle The Pacers coach whose team was halted after two straight wins and suffered a first home loss after four wins in front of the home crowd. LeBron himself complimented the opposing coach: “You always know that Rick Carlisle’s team will be well trained. Throughout my career I have had a hard time playing here in this hall, so going out with a win is a damn good trip. It’s a good feeling to return to Thanksgiving like this, the food will be a little tastier. ”


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