“I was lucky to escape Kabul”

BerlinIt’s a beautiful late summer day in Berlin, the sun is shining, a breeze is blowing. But the 185 men, women and children from Afghanistan behind the fence, which shields a kind of reception camp, are above all happy here, in a residential area on the outskirts, that it is one thing: safe. They were local staff for the federal government and the armed forces and have just been airlifted from Kabul with their families to Germany.

Sayed comes from the camp with a friend, whose exact location is deliberately not mentioned here. The young man, who interpreted for the Germans in Afghanistan, says that he likes it here. “I was lucky,” says the 26-year-old, he made it here with his wife and two children. On his cell phone, he shows pictures of the airport in Kabul, where, like many other Afghans, they camped at a fence for three days. “It was a very difficult situation, especially for women and children,” says Sayed. Then the Germans would suddenly have waved them through to the plane.


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