I was teleported back in time to kochu kochu santhoshangal – Sathyan Anthikad- Jayaram movie location visited by Kalidas Jayaram | Little big joys- Kalidas who came to meet Jayaram on Sathyan Anthikkad’s set

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Malayalees will never forget the movie Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal. Now Kalidas Jayaram has written a note reminiscent of that movie. Kalidas, who came to see his father at the Jayaram-Sathyan Anthikkad cinema location, wrote on Instagram that it was as if he had traveled through time and had small pleasures. And pictures have been shared.

Kalidas Jayaram visits sathyan anthikad- jayaram movie location (Image Source: Instagram)

All the fans are happy that the Sathyan Anthikkad-Jayaram combination, which has gifted many super hit movies to the Malayalees, is back. Now Jayaram’s son and actor Kalidas Jayaram is on set to witness the shooting. Kalidasa also shared this on social media. According to Kalidas, arriving at a set of favorite couples is like traveling through time and enjoying small pleasures.

” Wow, it really feels like time travels to a time of little pleasures. It is always a pleasure to come to work and see this master filmmaker. Especially with my favorite actor Mr. Jayaram. Feels like back home. I personally am a big fan of their combo. I’m sure this movie will not disappoint you either. Waiting to see it in the theater. ”

Kalidas shared a picture of Jayaram, Sathyan Anthikkad, Anoop Sathyan and cinematographer S Kumar together. Actress Poornima Bhagyaraj came down with the following comment after seeing the picture of them together. Purnima’s comment was to say hi to Sathyan and Kumar. Kalidas’ post has also been picked up by fans.


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