“I will build a floating platform from which the missions to Mars will start” – Corriere.it

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A Starship spacecraft could soon depart directly from the Gulf of Mexico. SpaceX is in fact building its first floating platform to be used as a launch base for missions in orbit. Giving su Twitter an update on the works, also on this occasion Elon Musk has let himself go to rosy predictions promising the first rocket tests already for next year. Only a few weeks ago the return of a prototype of the Starship to the base in Texas was successfully completed, after several unsuccessful attempts.

At the moment, however, work is still underway to transform the two former oil platforms purchased at the beginning of the year into launch bases. The names of these spaceports leave little to the imagination for their future use: Fobos and Deimos are in fact two satellites of Mars. Immediate link the role that these structures will have in the Starship missions to the Red Planet, of which Musk has recently proclaimed himself “emperor”. But before thinking about this goal, SpaceX will also have to pass the first and crucial launch tests of the spacecraft powered by Super Heavy rockets in July.

But in truth Elon Musk’s plans may not be limited to this. As the visionary entrepreneur had already announced on previous occasions, the two floating stations could represent the first foundations of a ultra-fast transport system between land cities. According to this futuristic project, the spacecraft would take off and land on these platforms positioned in the bodies of water closest to the big cities. Just to give an example, the connection between Beijing and New York should last just thirty minutes.

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