“I without a mask because I had viruses and I have cancer”

by time news

“First, the dpcm does not foresee it outdoors; second I have had the covid and I am immunized, third I have cancer. So, fine. Filograna uses the brain for pure propaganda”. Vittorio Sgarbi thus responds to the time.news by replying curtly to the statements of the president of the Autonomous Movement and VAT numbers, Eugenio Filograna, who criticized his participation in the demonstration of the VAT numbers last night both in terms of content and for not the mask.

“I have cancer and the doctor told me not to wear it and I had covid – the deputy points out – It’s time to stop wearing the masks if you have had the vaccine or if you have antibodies!”. On his participation in the event, Sgarbi underlines: “I went there because some of his people and Radio Radio asked me, and he was angry because according to him I should have joined the VAT numbers. But crazy stuff, he is electrocuted. “he says again.

“I am a VAT number that has lost a huge amount of good earnings, so I am with VAT numbers, but VAT numbers are VAT numbers. A party, despite the similarity, is another thing”, Sgarbi then adds. . “So I go out of generosity, and I am a sick man – the deputy urges – I have not created any danger, dear Senator Filograna”. Sgarbi then presses: “The VAT numbers will decide to do what they want, but they must be careful to be with those who use their heads and are not afraid. Those who are afraid cannot protest in the square, pretending that I am a risk. I risk that I am, it is my ideas, my freedom, the fact of not bowing my head to a government that wants me to wear a mask even if I do not run and do not take risks “. Finally, a final exhortation: “Get rid of rhetoric, fiction and liars. If you are cured, vaccinated or outdoors, stay without a mask, the rest is rhetoric and fiction”, he concludes.

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