IAEA Secretary General after his visit to Iran: Negotiations to restore control have failed

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The Secretary General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi announced today (Wednesday) that efforts to renew supervision of the sensitive facilities of the Islamic Republic have not been “completed”, thus failing another attempt to reach an understanding – just days before negotiations between the powers and Iran .

“The lack of access to the Karaj facility has made it impossible to complete the oversight and control of all of Iran’s facilities and locations related to the nuclear deal. This significantly affects the IAEA’s capabilities to restore the sequence of information on the ground,” Grossi said. “These, in order to address the issues of supervision that still remain pending, as written in the two reports, have turned out to be endless,” he added.

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Grossi landed in Tehran on Monday and held several meetings with senior officials, including Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdullahian and Iran’s chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, Ahmad Islami, to try to advance understandings around the renewal of the agency’s oversight.

However, the IAEA Secretary General left the country and postponed the press conference that was expected to take place upon his arrival, thus leaving a cloud of doubts and rumors behind. Tuesday’s statements came against the backdrop of a governors’ conference that opened today in the Austrian capital, a meeting of the organization’s senior body to which Grossi expected to arrive with some commitment from the regime in Tehran.

During the press conference, Grossi reiterated another point through which the Iranians are trying to undermine Western oversight capabilities: “I am concerned about the cases of IAEA inspectors who have been subjected to overly invasive physical searches by security officials at Iran’s nuclear facilities,” he said. Take immediate steps to rectify the situation. “

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Nuclear talks between the Islamic Republic and the countries that signed the original agreement in 2015 will be renewed on the 29th of this month in Vienna, and include the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China.

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