Ibama seizes mercury and destroys illegal mines in Yanomami Land

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Ibama operation against illegal mining in the Yanomami Indigenous Land

Several illegal camps prospectors
were destroyed by Ibama agents in yet another action against criminals in Yanomami land
this Friday (24). This time the operation was launched in the Xitei region
, where there is a strong presence of invaders and one of the most devastated areas in the territory. Inspectors destroyed structures used for extracting cassiterira
e gold

During the action of the agents, around 254 grams of mercury were seized, in addition to 20 caliber ammunition and about four cell phones in the camps.

Two tons of cassiterite were also seized – the main ore of tin, a ton costs around R$ 144,000 on the international market, which attracts more and more greed from miners.

The action was coordinated by Ibama’s Special Inspection Group (GEF) and is carried out with the support of the Federal Highway Police’s Rapid Response Group and employees of the National Foundation for Indigenous Peoples (Funai).

Indigenous people approached agents during the inspection in search of medical treatment. Soon after, Funai was called in and should organize an action for medical assistance in the region.

At the moment, several inspectors who work in the operation within the territory have an inspection base set up in the Palimiú community, they prevent the invaders from having access to the river and identify those who leave the territory.

“The miners are being qualified and a personal search is being carried out and the vessels are being searched to prevent the departure of gold, cassiterite and firearms. This morning [sábado] 47 prospectors have already been qualified and four vessels have been searched”, explained GEF-Ibama coordinator Felipe Finger.

Since the beginning of the repression against illegal mining in the Yanomami Indigenous Land, miners have started to flee where they were. At least 20,000 garimpeiros are in the territory, according to estimates. About 30,000 indigenous people live there. The action intends to remove the invaders and identify the financiers of the illegal activity.

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