Ibn Tufayl, the accurate intuition

Ibn Tufayl, the accurate intuition

Ibn Tufayl, born in Guadix (Granada) in the century XII, is almost certainly the scientist from Granada who has most influenced Western thought. He was a faithful follower of Avempace and was particularly interested in the intellectual ecstasy of Avicenna and the Sufism of Algacel. Ibn Tufayl was also a doctor, first in Granada and then in other cities of the old Al-Andalus. Later he resigned as royal physician in favor of his disciple, Averroes. Pioneer of the anti-Ptolemaic revolution rooted in the teachings of Aristotle, Ibn Tufayl denied epicycles and eccentrics due to their physical impossibility, a very important detail given that the current models at that time were based only on Geometry. His work ““ The Self-taught Philosopher ”has been preserved and had a great influence on European literature.


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