Ibrahimovic, Peta vs Zlatan: “Lion killed? Miserable coward”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Lapresse)

Ibrahimovic, Peta against Zlatan: “Lion killed? Miserable coward”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is in the crosshairs of critics in Sweden because according to Expressen, theAC Milan striker in 2011 on a hunting trip he would have killed a lion in South Africa (where the practice is legal). According to the report, there is a list of 82 Swedish hunters who have brought home some remains of a lion. Among these there would be precisely Ibra. Contacted by local media, Zlatan (who has a huge lion tattooed on his back) hid behind a “no comment”.

The Map, the association for animal rights, attacked the Rossoneri champion: “Zlatan Ibrahimovic likes to call himself a leone fierce and strong. But the fact that he likes to shoot lions and other animals shows that he is a miserable coward who gives in to his violent tendencies. It takes no skill or strength to corner and slaughter a captive animal. The animal has never had the opportunity to escape, defend or survive. Anyone with a conscience would shudder at the thought of killing animals for fun or exposing parts of their body. Ibrahimovic should recognize him and disapprove of the trophy hunt “.

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