Ibrahimovic, renewed with Milan: “If Maldini wants to rest”. About Galliani …

Ibrahimovic and Rafael Leao (Lapresse)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Che tempo che fa: ‘At Milan I have a lot of responsibility, I feel like a leader, the only team with which I am excited’, about his future ‘It depends on Paolo Maldini, if he wants, here we are!’

Ibrahimovic and Sanremo 2021

“Sanremo was truly a great experience. As I said before the Festival, I didn’t know what awaited me ”, explains Zlatan Ibrahimović to Che tempo che fa.

Ibrahimovic and Milan

“I have a lot of responsibility, I feel like a leader, I can say that this is the only team I’m excited with, I want to lead. Today I wanted to be in the game, I feel too much inside, I missed the team too much, during the Festival I talked with my teammates and with the Coach, when I spend a day without them it’s like a day without my children “.

Ibrahimovic and the renewal with Milan

“Let’s see, it depends on Paolo Maldini. If he wants, here we go! “

Ibrahimovic e Van Basten

“I played with many high-level players… When I signed for Ajax they put too much pressure on me, they expected the same things as Van Basten, but I was not at his level. He is a complete player, who made history and is among the best of all time ”.

Ibrahimovic and Zlatenè

“When you dominate a person in one way or another. So you did the Zlatané “

Ibrahimovic and the motorcyclist who brought him to Sanremo

“You can make a movie with it. I was worried that no one would believe me, so I made videos on my phone but I weighed a lot more than the driver and the bike skidded depending on where I was moving, so I thought it was better to stay in the middle. But at least that was the proof “. Fabio Fazio broadcasts a message from Francesco Nocera, the motorcyclist who brought him to the Ariston: “I hope you have recovered from the fright and the cold – he tells him – For me as a Milan player it was a hallucinating experience. You have my number, if you need to call me and I’ll be there. We will meet again at San Siro, me in the stands cheering, you on the pitch scoring goals ”. Ibra: “I’m sorry we didn’t have time to talk, when we arrived I had to run away immediately. I told him to wait for me but he had to go home. He was very kind, I promise him I will score ”.

Ibrahimovic and Gattuso

“I called him yesterday to have him send a message to my son, because Rino is his favorite player, he likes him so much for his determination and mentality. Once I put him in a bin, but he was joking”

Ibrahimovic and Galliani

“I love him too much, I have a strong relationship. In Barcelona he was not happy and he took me to Milan and my smile returned. Before being transferred to PSG I wanted to have a meeting with him and I asked him not to call me for all summer. Two days after the end of the market he phoned me and sent me to Paris, and in the end it went well. But I haven’t talked to him for a few months. “

Ibrahimovic and the Scudetto with Milan

“There are still many matches, everything is possible. Inter have only one match a week and have more time to recover. My job is to win trophies, and I came to Milan to win.”

Adolescent ibrahimovic

“As a kid I was short, up to 16 years old. I had problems with my back ”.

Ibrahimovic and music

“I won a gold record in Sweden, with the national anthem”

Ibrahimovic’s intelligence

“I have a vision. I think the situation will end, I see things that I think will happen and I feel them.”


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