ICF in 67th year: record 70,000 coach production | ICF’s 67th Year: Found a Record to Production of 70,000 Train Coaches

A world renowned railway coach manufacturing factory located at Perampur, Chennai. This factory was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on October 2, 1955.

Initially, it was a factory for fitting train interiors. After this, it gradually rose to become a coach manufacturing factory. The coaches manufactured here are used for Indian Railways.

Apart from this, they are also exported to foreign countries. As per the needs of the passengers and the times, the coaches are manufactured in 600 designs in 50 categories including state-of-the-art coaches, tourist coaches. Apart from this, under the “Rail-18” project, world-class coaches were manufactured and supplied for the high-speed train ‘Vande Bharat’.

ICF has produced a record of 70,000 coaches from 1955 to August 2022. Recently, the 3rd Vande Bharat train series was produced and delivered.

This train is currently running between Gandhinagar-Mumbai in Gujarat. In the current financial year (2022-23), 3,500 coaches of 50 designs and 27 Vandebharat trains are planned to be produced.

According to these times, ICF is advancing with various technological changes. Today (Oct 2) marks its 67th year.

Regarding this, ICF officials say, “The central government is implementing various new schemes to take ICF-B to the next stage of development.

We are manufacturing many types of train series like Vande Bharat, Garib Rath, luxury trains and parcel train. The railway administration is planning to manufacture a hydrogen fueled train locally as the next step,” he said.


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