Ideal does not agree; Way Two Success: Why Prashant Kishore is not in Congress? | Prashant Kishor | Congress

Ideal does not agree;  Way Two Success: Why Prashant Kishore is not in Congress?  |  Prashant Kishor |  Congress

After months of discussions, President Sonia Gandhi formed an eight – member committee to spearhead changes in the Congress. Prashant Kishore, an electoral think tank, was invited to attend. It was almost certain that the rumors and discussions had come to an end and that Prashant Kishore was now with the Congress. But Prashant Kishore put a full stop to those discussions by tweeting that ‘the party needs more leadership and collective will than it does to solve deeper organizational problems’.

Prashant Kishore’s entry into the Congress was seen by many as the last straw for a party that had to accept a series of defeats, eroding its 137 – year political tradition. But even then, there were doubts as to whether a party that would glorify the glory of the political tradition would bring together someone who had switched parties since joining Modi in 2014 and who had mastered electoral tactics. Leaders, including Digvijay Singh, have criticized Prashant Kishore for not conforming to the ideals of the Congress. Eventually, the Congress responded by announcing that ‘Prashant Kishore had declined the invitation’.

Success is the goal but two …

With the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and the forthcoming Assembly elections looming, the tug-of-war to bring Prashant Kishore to the Congress has begun. With the takeover of Punjab and the Aam Aadmi Party, there was talk from within the party that the Congress, which had to watch every document in its hands fade away, needed a coward like Prashant, who was intoxicated to take the helm of the election victory. Despite the opposition, Prashant was given the green light when he realized that the Sonia-Rahul leadership wanted to follow in his footsteps. But the path of peace and the path of the Congress did not coincide so quickly.

Election Strategist Prashant Kishor Photo: JoinPKTeam/ Facebook

Prashant Kishore (Image shared on I-Pak social media)

Indications are that Prashant Kishore did not want to take on the responsibilities of the Congress leadership, but to be alone in leading the Congress leadership itself. Prashant demanded that he should have the power to fully manage the communication systems and messages of the Congress and that he should have full authority over all the systems and data of the Congress to decide the candidates and devise new strategies.


Sonia Gandhi and Prashant Kishore

But the senior leaders of the Congress did not have the guts to rule alone. Many leaders frowned at Prashant’s decision to bring his advice and findings to the party without discussing them, saying that Prashant’s decision to report only to Congress president Sonia Gandhi was part of his preparations to strengthen the party.

Priyanka should come

Sources close to the Congress said that Prashant had also put forward the idea that there should be two prime ministerial candidates and a party president. Prashant finds that carrying out governance and organizational responsibilities together will weaken the party. Prashant demanded that Priyanka Gandhi be made the party president. But the majority in the party saw Rahul Gandhi as the next president.

Priyanka Gandhi, Prashant Kishor

Priyanka Gandhi and Prashant Kishore

You need ‘alliance’ to succeed ..

Although Prashant sees the Congress as an alternative to the BJP, Prashant thinks that in the current weak position of the party, it is ‘Balikeramala’. Therefore, Prashant says, local parties should form an alliance against Modi. The Congress should hold alliance talks with K Chandrasekhara Rao, Jaganmohan Reddy and Mamata Banerjee. But some senior leaders are of the opinion that such an alliance would weaken the very base of the Congress in many states.

Rahul Gandhi, Prashant Kishor

Rahul Gandhi and Prashant Kishore

While trying to become part of the Congress, the ‘I-Pak’ led by Kishore was opposed within the Congress on issues including the alliance with K. Chandrasekhara Rao’s TRS in Telangana. Especially as the Congress faces the TRS in Telangana in the 2023 elections.


K. Chandrasekhara Rao

When it comes to the Congress, the leadership thought that PK would devise strategies for the party in the forthcoming Assembly elections as well. But Prashant, who had struck a deal with the TRS, focused only on winning the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections. After plotting to overthrow the Congress in Telangana, the Congress has openly said that it does not want a ‘two-boat’ game of joining hands with the TRS in the Lok Sabha to move against Modi.

Ideal does not fit ..

It is believed that Prashant Kishore saw crucial changes ahead, including the working style of the Congress. When Prashant presented his plan in this regard at a meeting with Sonia, Rahul and 13 other senior leaders, the notaries were interested in most of its proposals. Therefore, discussions were active to bring Prashant to the Congress.


Sonia Gandhi, Prashant Kishore, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi

But in the discussions that followed, disagreements arose within the Congress. A question arose as to what level of Prashant’s service should be – whether as an election consultant or as a full-time party office bearer. The position taken by Sonia Gandhi in this is that the opinion of the majority can be sought.

Although Prashant was convinced that the Gandhi family would stand by him, when he was invited to the eight-member high-level committee, the Empowered Action Group, he realized that there was another ‘game plan’ in it. With this, Prashant withdrew from the Congress with the certainty that he would be only a member of the 15-member Congress panel that would formulate strategies for the Congress in the 2024 elections, formulate decisions and hold discussions with the NDA. The strategist who wanted complete freedom in decisions could not accept the invitation to be part of only one group.

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