turns 10 has 10 years of activity in Italy. The national portal of the German comparison platform is officially online since July 29, 2011 and celebrates its anniversary with an increase of 44% of stores registered in one year. Founded in Berlin in 2000, since 2006 is part of the Axel Springer Se publishing group, also publisher of Bild Zeitung and Die Welt. In addition to Italy and Germany, idealo is currently also present in France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Austria, with six national portals.

The Italian portal of idealo currently collects over 145 million updated offers and 30,000 registered shops representing now a reliable partner for publishers and e-shops, but also, underlines the company, “a showcase of interest for Italian consumers that on the platform they find not only large stores but also medium and small local shops. “Thanks to the comparison of prices through idealo, it is possible to choose between diversified proposals and promotions as well as decide the best period to buy and save on purchases.

In a period characterized by the boom in e-commerce, also following the Covid-19 pandemic and the online opening of many small and medium-sized Italian companies, the portal “represents a unique value for consumers who can buy items often at lower prices” and “an interesting showcase for Italian shops that can increase their catchment area and publish their offers by comparing themselves with the big names in e-commerce”.

Based on a recent survey commissioned by idealo Italia, 86.0% of the interviewed sample has a good-excellent rating and would recommend the use of the platform, 37.3% saved over 500 euros and 82.4% over 250 euros in the last year thanks to the price comparison on idealo while 39.9% buy more on Italian online stores since using the Berlin-based platform. Idealo is currently a price comparator with over 145 million offers from over 30,000 online shops.

The identikit of the Italian digital consumer who uses the portal to compare offers online and save on purchases is typically male (60.8% of users), aged between 25 and 34 years (24.7%) or between 35 and 44 years (23.9%). Seven out of ten Italian consumers (71.0%) use smartphones for online shopping and price comparison. In addition, an Android mobile device is used in 78.2% of cases.


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