IDF Appoints Eliezer Toledano as Head of Strategy Division and Third Circle

IDF Appoints Eliezer Toledano as Head of Strategy Division and Third Circle

Headline: Eliezer Toledano Appointed as Head of IDF Strategy Division and Third Circle

Subtitle: Major Eliezer Toledano, a decorated officer, takes on new role in the IDF


In a round of senior appointments in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Major Eliezer Toledano has assumed his position as the new head of the Strategy Division and Third Circle. The ceremony took place yesterday evening and was attended by Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi, commanders, soldiers, families, and other invitees.

Major Toledano, a married father of five, brings with him a rich and diverse military background. Notable achievements include serving as the commander of the paratrooper brigade during Operation “Tzuk Eitan”, acting as the military secretary to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and commanding the Southern Command during Operation “Guardian of the Walls”, Operation “Dawn”, and Operation “Protection and Arrow”. He is also a graduate of the United States Army War College, holding degrees in philosophy and economics, as well as a master’s degree in history and national security from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Speaking at the exchange ceremony, Major Toledano emphasized the importance of the Strategy Division and Third Circle, describing it as a small, high-quality division responsible for deep long-term thinking processes and identifying emerging opportunities. He acknowledged the challenges that Israel faces, noting that urgent matters often overshadow the important ones. However, he stated that their mission is to prioritize the important issues and maintain unity of purpose in collaborating with all elements of the IDF and external partners.

Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi spoke highly of Major Toledano during the ceremony, likening strategy and Iran to a game of chess with unpredictable outcomes. He expressed his confidence in Toledano’s abilities and highlighted the officer’s operational experience, unique perspective, and analytical skills that have greatly contributed to the IDF.

Major Eliezer Toledano’s appointment as the head of the Strategy Division and Third Circle reflects the IDF’s commitment to selecting experienced and capable leaders to navigate the complex military landscape. His wealth of experience and expertise is expected to further enhance the IDF’s strategic planning and operations.


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