“If at Yamaha we start like this…”

“If at Yamaha we start like this…”

2023-09-21 19:20:07

Updated: Sep 21, 2023 | 06:00
21 sep 2023 | 19:20

Neither Yamaha nor Honda have good news for their riders for next season. Fabio Quartararo and Marc Márquez, two MotoGP champions, will continue to suffer if they remain in their teams.

The Frenchman is resigned because his bosses’ comments have been very different from his: “In the Misano test we saw the team manager’s comments and mine, which were black and white, totally different…”.

“I can clearly say that it was a disappointment and that it was not at the level I expected. We have not taken a step forward, at all. But if the team manager says it is better, we have to listen to him,” comments ‘El Diablo’.

He believes that the brand should listen to him and take him more into account: “I think the rider’s comments are a little more important, it is the rider who tests the motorcycles and who has the feeling of whether they are easier to ride or not. If we start like this …”.

MotoGP moves to India this weekend. And Quartararo is once again pessimistic: “I think it won’t be better, straight ahead…”.

“In Indonesia there were not many straights and we were ahead from the beginning. But with so many straights and accelerations we will suffer a lot. When you expect to reach 370 kilometers per hour on a straight, you know that it is three tenths,” said Fabio.

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