If Instagram was also born in Florence: Kevin Systrom, founder of the app, discovered photography in Tuscany

Kevin Systrom before becoming a billionaire with Instagram he was a young student of the American University of Stanford with the desire to spend a period of study abroad. He chose Italy and Florence, putting the first piece in the puzzle of coincidences which then led to the creation of the famous social network. To capture the moments of that journey and the beauty of the city, he brought with him a very expensive camera, with clear glass and perfect shots, which he had bought by investing all his savings. Arrived in Florence for practically never used it: the professor of the photography course, Charlie, looked at her He shook his head. He went into the other room and returned with a Holga Systrom later told. That cheap, Chinese-made car that looked like a toy and took square, slightly faded photos, intrigued Systrom.

I started taking pictures on the go, when I was around Florence, I would bring them back and he would show me how to develop the photos, that they were square and as if slightly blurry and artistic, and then he showed me how to add chemicals to the developer bath so that he could actually tone the black and white photo with different colors reminiscent of Systrom.

Back in the USA Kevin was chosen for the Mayfield Fellows, the Stanford and Berkeley University program that provides deserving students with high-level training in business and technology start-ups. He did an internship at the Odeo company, the forge of Twitter). Combining photography discovered in Florence and technology, in 2010, along with Mike Krieger, Systrom fond Instagram (who originally had square photos like Holga’s).

Two years later the social was acquired by Facebook for 1 billion dollars.

March 24, 2021 | 18:44

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